Business Growth: It’s Time to Switch from Surviving to Thriving Safely!

Even though the last few years have been disruptive for businesses nationwide, we are hopeful that the “new normal” will provide opportunities for growth. Owners and managers are looking to re-open and get their business back on track as soon as possible.

Partnerships Pave the Road to Recovery. We will get stronger together.

As your trusted medical supplies provider, Peach Medical Labs understands the unique needs of businesses recovering from the Covid 19 pandemic. We empathize with the difficult task that these businesses have ahead of them as they attempt to balance employee well-being and safety with workplace efficiency.

Companies face the challenge of helping their employees to return to work safely and confidently. At the same time, they have to ensure that their customers are comfortable with the measures they put in place on-site.

There is a need for solid systems that create a safe working environment, protecting employees and customers from the risks of exposure and transmission of infections. Revised protocols to keep their facilities clean and disinfected will also go a long way towards those goals.

As we transition out of a predominantly work from home set-up to more in-person processes in the business world, companies prefer strong supply chains for consumables and medical supplies to make personal protection, sanitation and Covid 19 testing a breeze.

Here is where Peach Medical Labs comes in! Advocating for your employees’ health and wellness is our top priority. Our mission is to distribute high-quality medical supplies, diagnostic tools, and testing equipment at competitive prices while meeting the timeline requirements of our clients.

What sets Peach Medical Labs Apart?

We take pride in having a wide range of high-quality medical supplies available in our catalogue for immediate availability and use. However, we offer more than just selection.

At Peach Medical Labs, we offer excellent services that are truly a cut above. Here’s why you should choose us for all your medical supply needs:

1. Our service professionals are knowledgeable and here to help you with your order. We have a responsive sales team who will help you source speciality products that may not be in our inventory.

2. Our dedicated Commercial Accounts Support Team can guide you through the process for seamless, hassle-free service every time.

3. We have an impressive A+ Rating with The Better Business Bureau.

4. We offer nationwide distribution.

5. Quick quotes and accelerated order processing are a part of our processes.

6. Our customers receive competitive pricing for their medical supplies, with incentives for bulk volume purchasing.

7. Our systems are efficient with easy order submittal options through our website online, email, fax, or phone.

8. Even if you already have an existing GPO or an established supply chain, Peach Medical Labs can be just the backup option you need for all your medical supplies with the current uncertainty in the business world.

Our expertise lies in reliable supply chains that ensure you get the products you need on time! Our customers in the business world have been delighted with our wide range of products as well as our commitment to the role we play in keeping your employees and customers safe.

Businesses like yours are opening up and so have the friendly skies…

Airports and airlines are now busier than ever, as business travel rebounds after a long shelter in place mandates. However, safety is still the name of the game. For most airlines, Covid 19 tests, masks, and PPEs are needed for passengers to fly, as they abide by CDC regulations for safety to ensure that both their customers and crew are fit for travel.

At Peach Medical Labs, we know just what you need to get your business operations up and running while protecting your employees and customers.

Before your Start – Be Safety Smart! Supplies for Consistent Covid 19 Testing

Our best-selling products include accurate and reliable kits for Covid-19 Antigen Tests like the Abbott BinaxNOW at-home test, Quidel Quick Vue and other OTC Covid Testing kits. They are known for being incredibly efficient in the screening and immediate investigation of Covid 19. With easy instructions for the BinaxNOW kits, the BinaxNOW antigen self-test accuracy is one of the most consistent ones in the market.

If you want to buy rapid antigen test kits and offer that option for on-site testing at your business location or on remote sites, you can count on continuous support from Peach Medical Labs.

To add to our catalogue of Covid 19 testing products, we also offer rapid antibody kits like the RightSign™ to check if the workers at your organisation have been exposed to the covid 19 virus in the past or if they have been immunised, to keep everyone in the office safe.

Be Hand in Glove with Safety! PPEs for Businesses

The availability of personal protective equipment becomes essential as businesses begin to reopen and operate and economic activity resumes. We encourage our clients and customers to always think of safety, no matter the task.

The hospitality industry, healthcare, food services, and administrative services were identified as the most likely sectors that require personal protective equipment. However, the opening of local businesses and offices has spurred the demand for PPEs in the retail and travel industries.

As you begin to get your business ready to reopen in the new normal, it’s essential to make your customers and workers’ safety a priority. You needn’t look far for the medical supplies you need, Peach Medical Labs has it all covered!

Our wide variety of personal protective equipment has something for every budget and need. From nitrile free examination gloves, good quality, sturdy surgical masks and N95 masks, gowns, face shields and eye goggles, Sanitisers and disinfectants and disinfectant alcohol wipes, we have an expansive catalogue to fit your requirements from leading brands in the medical industry.

As we head towards a new business landscape, we must remember to take the extra step to protect the clients and workers who trust us to re-open safely. You can rely on us to focus on their well-being!

Get in touch with our skilled and dedicated team or place an order online through our website to ensure efficient and dependable service for your company.

At Peach Medical Labs, we are ready to take on the task of providing good quality medical supplies to keep your employees healthy and safe … while you work towards your business goals.