In trying times, we turn to our government to lead the way!

Health has become a worthy goal but a great challenge to achieve over the last few years. Government organisations across the country are working hard to ensure that the community and their employees get access to the care and services they need in all areas of life so that the administrative wheels keep turning.

We recognise the overwhelming tasks that government employees face, and we would like to extend our support in making your procurement of medical supplies as easy as possible!

Peach Medical Labs has a successful track record working with various federal, state, and local governments. We understand each organisation’s unique needs and consult with multiple procurement departments to facilitate the purchase and delivery of quality products. Our mission is to distribute high-quality medical supplies, diagnostic tools, and testing equipment at competitive prices while meeting the timeline requirements of our clients. We are always more than happy to share references from our satisfied customers.

At Peach Medical Labs, we go above and beyond to cater to the unique medical supply requirements of various government organizations, at all levels of administration.

1.We enable ordering through Purchaser Orders to ensure the proper documentation and procedures for a seamless service experience with various government offices.

2.We provide Net-30 Terms in invoicing for flexible ordering and payment conditions.

3.Turnaround time for our shipments is rapid and effective, delivering products either on the same day or the next-business-day

We can offer free samples of products in our catalogue so that government administrators and workers can be confident with the efficacy of the medical supplies they order.

At Peach Medical Labs, we have just the right supply solutions for you!

Our deep-rooted expertise in medical supply chains is essential in delivering these materials to our customers and their employees in government or industry services. Precise testing and accurate results play a crucial role in keeping employees and office staff safe. Let us provide you with the right medical supplies and services to support your administrative offices.

Reasonable prices, top quality medical products, safety equipment, and on-time delivery are critical ingredients in our support solutions to all our customers. By continuously upgrading our stock and adding newer and more advanced products to our catalogue, we can keep up with the growing and evolving needs of the medical industry. Here at Peach Medical Labs, we have a comprehensive offering of solutions to fill all your medical supply needs.

We understand the need for government offices and administrators to fulfil their duties by keeping their employees safe and healthy. Here’s how we can help!

1.Supplies for Regular Testing to Keep Yourself and Others Safe!

Our best-selling products include accurate and reliable kits for Covid-19 Antigen Tests like the Abbott BinaxNOW at-home test, Quidel Quick Vue and other OTC Covid Testing kits. They are known for their effectiveness in the immediate investigation of Covid 19. With easy instructions for the BinaxNOW kits, the BinaxNOW antigen self-test accuracy is one of the most consistent ones in the market.

To complete the range of Covid 19 testing products, we also offer rapid antibody kits like the RightSign™ to check if employees at your government office or organisation have been exposed to the covid 19 virus in the past, or if they have been immunised, to keep everyone in the office safe. If you want to buy rapid antigen test kits and offer that option for on-site testing at your office or government centre, you can count on our continuous medical supply service at Peach Medical Labs.

2.Playing it Safe with the right Personal Protective Equipment.

Failing to prepare today means preparing to fail tomorrow! We live in unprecedented times, and it always pays to invest in health and safety. This becomes even more essential for office goers, administrative staff and service providers employed in government organisations.

As work from home transitions back to on-site working environments, we need to ensure that employees are equipped with the right medical supplies to protect themselves and their co-workers from infections. As you make their safety a priority, consider sourcing your personal protective equipment, disinfectants, and other medical supplies from a company you can trust! You needn’t look very far- Peach Medical Labs is just the solution for you!

Our expansive range of personal protective equipment has something for every budget and every need. From nitrile free examination gloves, good quality, sturdy surgical masks and N95 masks, gowns, face shields and eye goggles, Sanitisers and disinfectants and disinfectant alcohol wipes, we have a wide variety of options that can become a great addition to your inventory.

At Peach Medical Labs, we believe that safety is always in season! We can never be too careful when looking after the health and wellbeing of the employees and office staff who work with the government administrators and organisations. In these unpredictable times, it’s time for all of us to take the extra step for safety… and Peach Medical Labs will be right there to support you through it.

Our trusted step-by-step process ensures that you will get the product you need at the right time with the help of good supply chain practices.

With strategically located offices, warehouses, and distribution centres, we can deliver medical supply orders in wholesale or retail quantities nationwide, following processes that are compliant with industry regulations.

By prioritising timely deliveries, armed with a comprehensive quality control checking system, we use tried and tested safety protocols for all our customers.

We are customer-centric and pride ourselves on providing reliable services with customised payment plans to suit any requirement. A one-stop- solution to all your medical supply needs, we stock only the best products, like testing kits and personal protective equipment, from leading brands in the medical industry.

Get in touch with our expert team or place an order through our website for easy, uninterrupted service for your organisation. We look forward to working with you!