Laboratories are the backbone of healthcare delivery. 


Accurate patient management relies on the right diagnosis. We understand the value that lab services bring to both physicians and patients. We need dedicated lab professionals supported by good quality diagnostic products and supplies to help hospitals, clinics and doctors offer informed options about their patients’ treatments.


Peach Medical Labs would like to extend our dependable support and help your clinical laboratory or testing center look after the customers who depend on your services. Our deep expertise in medical supply chains plays a vital role in delivering these materials to our customers in the diagnostics industry.


Whether you’re part of an independent testing center, a physician office lab or a hospital-based pathology department, precise testing and accurate results come first! Let us provide you with the right medical supplies and services to support your business.

You can rest easy knowing that we will ensure reasonable prices, top quality medical products, safe laboratory equipment and on-time delivery! We consistently upgrade our stock, adding newer and more advanced products to our catalog to cater to the growing and evolving needs of the medical market.


At Peach Medical Labs, we have a wide range of solutions for all your medical supply needs. 


Supplies for Laboratory Investigations  

1.Accurate and Reliable Kits for Covid 19 Testing 


In addition to a wide array of rapid antigen test kits, our catalog also includes CLIA approved Clinical laboratory test kits, from instrument-dependent PCR testing reagents like the AQ-TOP™ COVID-19 Detection Kit,  as well as rapid antibody kits like the RightSign™ Rapid Antibody Test.


Our best-selling products include Covid-19 Antigen Tests like the Abbott BinaxNOW at-home test, Quidel Quick Vue and other OTC Covid Testing kits. They are known for their effectiveness in the immediate investigation of Covid 19. With easy instructions for the BinaxNOW kits, the BinaxNOW antigen self-test accuracy is one of the most consistent ones in the market. If you want to buy rapid antigen test kits and offer that option at your lab or testing center, you can count on our continuous medical supply service at Peach Medical Labs.


2.Viral transport mediums and swab sticks 


When testing for viral infections, it is necessary to get a good quality sample so that the lab can get the best results. Currently, nasal and throat specimens collected with specially designed swabs are used for the detection of SARS-COV2 in the lab. Proper and adequate specimen collection and its transport in a suitable liquid medium are essential to ensure that good quality and quantity of viral RNA is obtained from the sample for testing, as these influence the accuracy of the test. Viral Transport Mediums (VTM) are specifically designed liquid mediums that retain the virus in its active form during its transportation from the collection point to the laboratory for testing. 


Another critical component of sample collection is the swab sticks used. These need to be designed for efficiency and cause minimum discomfort to patients. Check out our stock of swab sticks in our medical supply catalog.


3.Personal Protective Equipment 


4.Hygienic Hands to Keep you Healthy!


Gloves are a staple consumable in any laboratory. From exposure to corrosive reagents to infectious material, good clinical laboratory practices suggest that the best way to protect the technicians and professionals who carry out testing is to provide them with good quality, durable gloves. Our range of examination gloves offers various sizes, with Nitrile powder-free options as well.


5.Wear a mask, slow the spread! 


Masks have become a necessary part of everyday life. It is essential for professionals in all healthcare services, especially those who work around hazardous materials in the laboratory. We understand the need to provide good quality, sturdy surgical and N95 masks to all your staff working in the lab. At Peach Medical Labs, we have a stable supply of masks for both retail and wholesale ordering.


6.The Key to Working Safely – PPEs! 


Personal Protective Equipment like gowns, face shields and eye goggles are in high demand as well. Considering how rapidly Covid spread, health care workers and lab professionals require durable personal protective equipment to stay safe from infections. Our medical supply store has a variety of options to protect your employees.


7.Keep your surroundings clean 


Sanitisers and disinfectants have become more prominent since the COVID 19 pandemic. Their use is essential in health care facilities like laboratories, testing centers and sample collection centers. In addition, we also supply disinfectant alcohol wipes that make cleaning up minor and significant lab spills and testing surfaces easy and effective. We have a premium range of sanitizers and disinfectants as part of our medical supply catalog that can become a great addition to your inventory.


Why should you shop with Peach Medical Solutions for your laboratory and medical supplies? 


Our trusted brand employs good supply chain practices to serve our customers. We take care of every step in the process to ensure you get the product you need at the right time.


1.Careful Compliance 


We ensure that our processes are compliant with industry regulations. We prioritize timely deliveries to our customers with a comprehensive quality control checking system, using tried and tested safety protocols. We have verified documentation for authenticity with invoices from manufacturers and distributors to make your paperwork a breeze!


2.Pain-free Payments 


With flexible, secure payment options that allow easy transactions for bulk orders at wholesale prices, we make it easy for you to place your orders and maintain your inventory so that you can focus on providing the best service to your patients.


3.Stable Logistics 


Our strategically located office, warehouse, and distribution center allow us to fulfill your laboratory and medical supply orders in wholesale or retail quantities nationwide. 


Peach Medical Labs is a customer-centric medical supplies company. We are driven to fulfill our customers' needs by offering an efficient ordering process, reliable deliveries and cost-effective and customizable payment plans that meet individual needs.


Get in touch with us if you are looking for a one-stop-shop for all the medical supplies, testing kits and personal protective equipment you need. We provide complete access to the most extensive range of products online from industry-leading brands.