Supply Chain Management

Worldwide Experts in Manufacturing and Distribution

The Covid-19 pandemic had shown crack and failures in our healthcare supply chain as it relates to essential supplies needed for the healthcare personnel and patients. A lot of the failures in the supply chain that we have seen during the pandemic is a result of the following: several large healthcare distributors being the vendors for most facilities, over reliance on foreign manufactured goods that were halted due to pandemic closures and export restrictions in manufacturer countries, lack of spending and domestic investment in manufacturing, and healthcare facilities not inventorying more than several weeks of essential protective and testing products.  

The experts at Peach Medical Labs have over 10+ years of experience in manufacturing and in international trade with regards to import and export. Our experience has allowed us to personally warehouse and distribute protective and testing products nationwide, ensuring healthcare providers receive their items on-time.


We choose manufacturers that pass a stringent testing of their products including OEX Verification and SGS Testing.


We try to use the most economical and expedited freight methods including by air and ship


We currently operate through 3 warehouses throughout the country, Locations including California, Illinois, and New York/ New Jersey

Customer Delivery

Customer delivery and verification at our warehouse or your door.